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Craig Angus (BA soc., MSW, CIIAN) is mentor, coach, senior manager, professional researcher, mediator, thinker and writer.

My passion has always been finding better ways to do things. As a senior manager and working with a team of highly qualified research professionals, I designed innovative award-winning studies. Part of this formula required understanding how to promote the development of each person’s intellectual and emotional capacity and then create optimally functioning and strategically empowered teams and communities of interest. These communities of interest included all levels of government, the business sector, academic institutions and third sector groups.

As a coach and mentor for senior managers in particular, and for employees at all levels, I designed case specific strategies to repair relationships, build self-esteem and encourage responsible and productive action. Developing these actions required close collaboration and study with the client and a commitment to thinking in new directions.

I worked with non-profit organizations, helping them to build strategic focus and systematic action, in many cases helping them to become role models for other organizations in search of leadership. I worked solely with groups prepared to make a significant commitment – first of all subscribing to the method for the work and then the time required to affect change; in return for this investment, these organizations have been richly rewarded with credibility in the eyes of other organizations as well as ongoing sustainable results.

I am also the author of “Stepping Stones: Values-Based Stories and Strategies for the 21st Century”. This book provides a framework to assist individuals to strengthen their behaviour, particularly at times of test; that is, times when a severe challenge causes us to abandon the core values which would in easier times guide our behaviour. I use a folksy writing style and story-telling to reinforce the guidance provided throughout the book.

Although many experts have helped me to frame my perspective on workplace and life management, I consider the guidance of creativity guru, Edward deBono (Lateral Thinking, etc.) and Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence) absolutely instrumental.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jay

    Craig, it looks clean and simple and your first post gives us a good idea of how well you write and what you have to say. (LOTS.) This might be a good time for me to thank you again for consultation you did with me. You have all that management background and experience, which was useful to me; if nothing else, it told me that this was a guy (whom I’d only known socially) experience and understanding. Beyond that, though, you’re a fine and compassionate listener, you obviously care about people and the kinds of communities we should be building, AND you’re a straight talker. Nice combo! It worked for me, and I’ll enjoy reading some more of what you think.

  2. Craig Angus Post author

    Jay, thanks for the feedback. I look forward to making Shiftack an insightful read; and I hope you will be around to participate in the dialogue.

  3. Mai Young

    Craig – You are a man of many facets. Now I know why you are such an excellent RUHI facilitator. I will proudly share your site with family and friends.

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