About Shiftack

After hearing so many of you express concern, frustration and confusion about your workplaces, I concluded that a blog dealing with workplace perspective would be a useful resource.  Let me explain how Shiftack will work:

  • First, I will use events and experience from the world at large to offer perspective on workplace practice.
  • Second, I will look at best practices in other domains to see if these yield enlightenment in the workplace
  • Third, I will tell workplace stories as a tool for understanding optimal workplace functioning
  • Finally, and drawing on my academic credentials and workplace experience as a employee, research manager and manager of employee relations, I will respond to specific workplace challenges offering possible solutions.

Each Monday, I will post a new article and each Friday I will post a “top 5 list”.  Readers are encouraged to provide comments and ask questions about their own workplace problems.  It is my hope that this will build into a dialog and that together we can experience a  breakthrough or two.